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Reputation Is Everything

Become the most relevant top-of-mind choice within your community.

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The SMART Marketing Method®

Through the power of relationships and our proven SMART Marketing Method®, we help a community of doctors and business owners focus on the personal transformation of those they serve.

How could 2x-5x more profitable digital marketing help you increase your impact?

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How We’re Different


What works for doc-in-a-box won’t work for you. We’ll get you solutions that fit your style and goals.


We don’t compete against ourselves. So, we won’t work with anyone else in your geographic location.


You can always expect a 2-5x return on advertising spend result. If we don't deliver, we'll fire ourselves.


Who We Serve

Vitalistic Chiropractors & Weight Loss

Your patient acquisition engine will finally work effectively. We are the only industry provider with a true end-to-end service offering; sales, marketing, follow-up and reputation management within each social and digital platform. Many of our providers are DC's affiliated with Maximized Living, The Wellness Way and have completed ethical sales courses from DC industry experts.

Six Month Smiles® Dentists

You’re in the business of changing lives. Us too. We’ve been a part of helping Six Month Smiles® Providers treat over 100,000 patients, achieving their ideal smile. There is simply no more experienced digital marketing partner to help you build your practice.

Enterprise Brands

As former corporate marketers, we understand first-hand working with big agencies can be expensive and difficult. We offer boutique services to Fortune 500s, national and regional brands.

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Dozens of businesses trust us to deliver solutions every day.

If you're looking to build your practice, you've come to the right place. Nick is among the best at helping businesses leverage marketing strategy, content and distribution to grow a business. He's a go-to for any business/practice owner trying to attract more patients and drive bottom line revenue. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in his field as good-humored, intelligent and intuitive.
dr chad Jenkins discover pro
Dr. Chad Jenkins, DC
It's rare to find an entrepreneur who is an A+ marketer, with an unbreakable work ethic and overall great person. With Nick, you get all three. That's why he gets such great results for his partners, with an above standard reputation amongst his peers (of which I am one.) I've worked with Nick on hundreds of marketing projects for nearly 10 years. Nick was one of the first disruptors in the medical device industry and helped our company grow by $5 Million in new LTV revenue, in 9 short months. He has earned my unlimited trust and respect.”

Jeremy B.

From day one, Nick consistently went above and beyond. His skill and business acumen take years to develop – yet seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. He was a dream to collaborate with.”
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Kevin G.

I sought out Nick to help me cut through the digital marketing clutter. I committed to a year of his services – two years later he's still my primary business consultant. Nick has brought me hundreds of new prospects and increased my client consult retention by 5x. As a female business owner, I care that Nick is a thoughtful, flexible, and results oriented marketing consultant.

Andrea A.

There has been a major shift over the years and within our industry. Our $4B brand has multiple marketing divisions and we deployed Nick to help our most under performing channels. His strategies helped us reach a much larger audience than ever before, and generate A LOT of new revenue. Bottom line, he took our division from 55% to goal to 109% in less than 6 months. I wish we had discovered Nick sooner.”
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Diana D.

Who We’ve Worked With



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Our Services



Positioning yourself as an authority within your community requires strategically communicating your unique message in an easy step-by-step content sequence. We’ll help you highlight the heart behind what you do, and the promise you make.


Unlike our peers, we focus on digital omnipresence and making you known… everywhere. Whether it’s through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google, our distribution strategy utilizes precision remarketing to ensure your brand is seen everywhere at just the right time.

Lead Calls

Calling leads, scheduling appointments, combating no-shows, and overcoming objections are major obstacles in your business. Our extremely experienced team and qualification process outperforms traditional front desk teams by over 2x, and other lead vendors by up to 8x. We take care of it all, from start to finish at no additional cost.


Your legacy is the very essence of your brand. Track your ROI on every dollar invested with us with total precision, no excuses. The quality of our work is guaranteed. We will deliver a 2x-5x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) when the Client maintains a 35% minimum patient close rate.

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Meet The Team

Nick Cavuoto
Nick Cavuoto

At an early age, Nick held Executive roles in both leadership and marketing at Fortune 500 brands and medical/technology startups, coaching executives lost in today's digital marketplace. He is a Certified Inbound Marketing Consultant with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) affiliated HubSpot program, offering the most progressive marketing-methodology training available in the world. Based in Denver with his family, Nick has become a highly respected marketing consultant, educator and prolific digital marketer.

Joe Courtney
Executive Operations

Over the years, Joe has been known for his ability to connect big vision with practical action. As a previous CMO, Joe embodies enormous mastery, willpower, and vitality to make a difference in the world. As the organizational leader, he takes initiative to make things happen with a great passion for life. In his free time, you’ll find Joe enjoying time with his wife of 12 years and their 3 daughters somewhere in the “great outdoors.”

Ashley Cavuoto
Executive Finance

Extraordinarily wise and discerning, Ashley ensures we stay true to our principles and remain “on mission”. She has a keen knowing of the best action to take in each moment—ensuring we are most “useful” in the best sense of the word. Practical action and financial resourcefulness are her strengths! When out of the office, Ashley is busy investing in her two young children.

Hunter Neeley
Content & Distribution Specialist

The man from Beverly Hills, Hunter’s worked with larger-than-life personalities to create content and serve strategically distributed ads in some of the most-challenging verticals, including health and wellness. You might say, “This isn’t his first Rodeo!” From web development and copywriting to PPC and SMM, Hunter has a depth of knowledge that he loves sharing with the clients he coaches.

Wade Baumgartner
Impact & Influence Specialist

Educated and experienced in Business Analytics and Information Systems is only the half of it! Wade packs a rare one-two punch—technical expertise and a passion for people that translates into “never back down” advocacy for our clients and their long-term success. Every once in a while, Wade sets the grind aside long enough to enjoy a craft brew in “LoDo” or a hike up one of Colorado’s breathtaking 14ers. If you’re ever in town, I’m sure he’d be the first to invite you along!

Morgan Battiste
Lead Qualification Specialist

Don’t mistake her sweet demeanor for anything other than pure positivity and sincere care. Morgan is a powerhouse—with grit, determination and a sales acumen that have served her well as a team leader and front desk manager in the Nutrition and Wellness industries for years. As an “Army Wife” and mother, Morgan is passionate about creating opportunities for military spouses to find fulfilling work while putting family first.


Next Level Your Business

If you're looking for a trusted partner to increase predictable revenue for your business, you need to stop those random acts of marketing and follow a reliable plan for rapid business growth. Introducing "The SMART Marketing Method".

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